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Web Creation and Design - Designing for the Web, not just web sites

  • Optimised email adverts for mail marketing campaigns
  • Web advertising sliders & advertising rotators including coding (just place code on your web site)
  • Animated web banners, grab the attenttion of your customers with animated banners
  • Web banners, facebook leaderboards/ time line headers
Web Site Design - Web site development - Designing for the Web - Customised web site design, coding and development

All of our web sites are designed, coded and fully programmed and hosted in house, in Cyprus. We do not outsource anything, like many other web design companies locally based in Cyprus. We have full control over everything including your hosting, domain name and email accounts, with no bandwidth limitation ensuring you are always visible online coupled with our search engine optimisation and unique designs, you will have a web site that will help your business grow.

Custom Web Site Design -  incorporating all the latest online web features

  • Customised design
  • Social networking
  • RSS feeds
  • Syndicated content
  • Play videos
  • Music uploads
  • Media files
  • Document downloads
  • Web polls
  • Picture galleries
  • Contact forms
  • Mailing lists
  • Shopping carts
  • Paypal integration

Our Standard Integrated Paypal Function - unlimited products, set your price, buy product, view shopping cart, customised checkout.

With our integrated paypal service, your web site has the added benefits to sell products, services, even monthly subscriptions. If you have multiple products to sell, you can assign an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), to help you track your products. A shopping cart can also be integrated so that you customer can view their purchases before proceeding to the checkout.  Your checkout page is fully customisable to fit into your exisiting web site design, with your logo and colour scheme enhancing you web site for a professional user experience.  For advanced online shopping solutions please view our Seen Quick Stores.
If you require more features than our standard integrated paypal function and shopping  cart we have developed a more advanced e-commerce solution. Seen Quick Stores. is an advance online shopping solution that can be added to your new web site or work along side your existing web site.

Seen Quick Stores provide your company with unlimited product categories to make shopping easy for your customers. Shoppers can browse the entire store, by category or search for keywords via product titles and descriptions with the added benefit of no monthly fees to eat into your profits.

Inspire confidence with a shopping cart and checkout just like the ones on the biggest retail sites with out the big price tag. Your shopping cart appears at the top of each page, showing the number of selected items and total cost via a drop down form, your customers do not leave the page they are browsing to view their purchases. A secure checkout protects your customers' credit card information giving your customers piece of mind and satisfaction.
Web Banner Advertising - Designing for the web.

Online Banner Advertising is an effective and affordable way to drive traffic to your web site.  Web banner advertising though an old advertising concept, it is still thriving and can make a hugh success to your web site traffic. Web Banners are a must as a part of an advertising campaign and produce an immediate impulse for your potential customers to take action. We develop all types of banners that invite the user to take part in the action. Drawing the user into the action is accomplished via our creative web banner designs and ad copy. We design fully optimised web banners, animated web banners, video banners which are eye catching and provide a call to action increasing your web site traffic and in turn generate more leads, enquiries and sale for your company.

Hosting your Banner - Automatically have your banner adverts change simultaneously with automatic updates.

The benefits of having your web banner hosted, is that you have full control over your web banner promotion on every single web site that it is placed on (even your own site).We provide you with a code snippet that can be controled remotely. Simply ad a new web banner / advert to the code and all your banners will be update on every web page that your banner has been placed on - This is a big time saver and gives you the flexibility and freedom to update, change your advertising campaign.

You can have multiple web banners within the code and they can rotate between themselves, to promote different advertsising campaigns, new services, promotions, discount coupons and new prodcut launches. You also have full control over the period each banner is displayed. If you have a promotion for a specific product you can have you web banner displayed during your advertising campaign and then remove it, or change it to another web banner advert. - Basically you have full control on your internet advertising.

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin first introduced their product, “Google”, to potential investors, they mentioned 'Adwords' as a backup option in case Googles predeicted success was wrong, they didn’t make any money, they eventually needed to use that backup plan and in turn Google success was set in stone, the results speak for themselves.
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