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Your QR code can convert your existing site to a mobile friendly web page and make all of your print advertising interactive

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QR Codes - Making Your Print Interactive - Smarter Consumers-Smarter Advertising
Quick Response (QR) Codes turn any flat surface into an interactive experience for your customers. From ads in magazines, flyers, business cards, stickers, menus, billboards too promotional gifts and T-shirts. You can even have a QR code on your website your specific promotions.

The concept is simple:
Consumers scan the codes with their mobile phones, the codes then initiate any number of actions, including launching a mobile application, taking users to a web site preferably a mobile friendly web site, facebook page, link to videos, commercials, or generate sales by directly taking your visitors to the relevant content.

Where to use QR codes?
QR Codes are great for event ticketing and tracking, trade-show and conference management, print ads, contests, direct marketing campaigns, coupons, plastic membership cards, restaurant menus, window stickers, car stickers, point-of-sale receipts, products tags and packaging, retail outlets. We also supply a large range of promotional products, from T-shirts, keyings, mugs, USB memory sticks to customise with your promotional QR Code.

  • Create discounts that are specific to the QR code, and run them in advertisements or post them in store
  • Use QR Codes within you web site content for special promotions, link to downloadable content.
  • Play a Youtube video, commercial or infomercial.
  • Launch an image gallery, picture slide show on scan.
  • Have your QR Code link to your social networking sites.
  • Call a phone number
  • Show contact data as a Virtual Business Card (vCard) that is stored in the users mobile device.
  • Show your branding on textiles (T-shirts, bags) and other articles like mugs, keying's etc.
QR Codes - Mobile Freindly Web Sites
What are QR Codes?

QR Code, abbreviated from 'Quick Response Code' is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode or two-dimensional bar code. When a QR Code is scanned by a mobile device, the user is taken to your promotion, web site or to any content that you cant think of. Qr Codes have exceptional error correction performance which means they can still be scanned and read even if up to 30% of the surface is destroyed.
QR Codes - make your print interactive with QRious. Mobile Scan Code

  • You will receive your Customised QR Code via email, and if required we can provide you with a dedicated URL to your QR code, so that you can call it up on any browser wherever you are.

  • When someone scans your code with their mobile device they will automatically be taken to your desired content - Facebook or other social networking platforms, discount coupons, special promotions, the possibilities are limitless.

  • Place a QR Code on your menu, your customers can then read the ingredients, even watch a video on how their food is prepared or send your customers to your lunch time specials.

  • Place a QR code on printed media advertising and you will see a huge drive of traffic and sales.

  • We provide QR code hosting this gives you the capability to have your QR Code programmed redirecting your scan code different destinations. No need to print new codes for every campaign. Imagine having one printed advert / flyer / poster with the capability to change the advertised message. Just take a few minutes to think about it, this is seriously smart advertising!

Smarter Consumers need Smarter Advertising

QR Codes have been around for years (within the automotive industry), they are now currently hitting the consumer market in a massive way. Your printing is now interactive, print advertising with hosted QR codes now gives you the capabilty to change your printed advertising to fit your promotional cmapaigns.

QR Codes are very quickly becoming a standard in all markets, placing a domain name on printed media basically became the norm overnight. QR Codes are taking over and will be as standard as placing your e-mail address and telephone number on your business cards, flyers and all of your print advertising. Smart phone interaction if here so take full advantage before your competitors.

QR Codes with 'QRious' are directly emailed to you, print ready and in web format. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on how QR Codes can help your business succeed in todays changing digital market place.
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