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Make an immediate and lasting impression on your prospects, customers and employees with our huge selection of custom branded Plastic Business Cards. Everyone has been given a standard paper business card, (98% of business cards are paper) because they are so widely used they no longer stand out in today's competitive markets, unless you have extra finishes such as, spot varnishing, foiling, guilding, etc.. which all adds to production costs. In most cases with all the extras you could be spending more for that unique card than you would on a Plastic Business Card.

When you hand a potential customer a professional Plastic Business Card, you will really stand out. They will be able to instantly tell that you care about your company because you chose to invest in good marketing materials. Your Plastic Business Card could easily be the only way a prospect has to judge the quality of your business against your competitors, so be sure to take advantage of it. Take your business card to the next level with Coloured Plastic Business Cards or for a unique look choose from our Transparent and Frosted Plastic Business Cards.

We also supply USB Plastic Business Cards, in standard Business Card size, square, circle, oval and mini rectangle that can also double as a name tag, perfect for conferences and seminars, we can also pre-load your USB Business card with your companies marketing metrials, alternatively upload a Digital Catalogue with real page turning effects. View our range of USB Business Cards, printed full colour, double side and our customised USB Data Options and security options.
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Plastic Business Cards - Acrylic PVC Business Cards

  • Cards available in 760 micron (credit card) - 500 micron (call card)
  • Solid Colour - Transparent and Frosted
  • Metallic Colours and Mirror Metallic Elements
  • Varnishing - Spot Varnish Flat and 3D Embossed
  • Customised Shapes
  • Magnetic Plastic Cards
  • Biodegradable Plastic - Completely disappears in 3 years when composted
  • Snap Off - Key Tags with Holes, Key Fobs
Security Features, Extras and Finishings for Plastic Business Cards

  • UV Inks - Only visible under UV light
  • Magnetic Strip -  Encoded / Not Coded (Hotel Key Cards - Customer Data)
  • Signature panels - White and Transparent
  • Embossed Numbering (Swipe Machine) - Any Colour + Silver and Gold.
  • 3D Lenticular Printing and Security Holograms
  • Personalisation - Individual information on every card / Pictures / Data
  • Scratch Off Panels - Scartch Cards
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Extra Finishings - Plastic Business Cards - Add some extra finishing touches to your Plastic Business Cards.
Main Types & Applications - Most popular usage for Plastic Business Cards - You are only limited to your imagination.
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T-shirt printing, promotional gifts, printing, window stickers, car stickers, web design, e-commerce, radio advertising, graphic design
Acrylic Business Cards Full Colour Printing Double Side
Pre-Printed Cards With Self Adhesive Laminate - Membership Cards / ID Cards - Make your ID cards on location

Membership Cards and ID cards are a big part of doing business – but they don't have to be a huge hit on your balance sheet. We have several cost-effective methods for helping your company produce identification cards.  We can make standard photo ID cards that are printed digitally with the employee's picture and details. But if you are, for example a health club and want to provide a 'Club / Membership Card' right then and there you would need to invest in a PVC card printer + Laminator and a stock of plain Plastic Business Cards. Due to the price of such machines and stock it is not a viable option for most business....
But we have the perfect solution for you to make customised plastic ID cards in-house, with out Self Adhesive Plastic Business Cards.
Pre-Printed Cards With Self Adhesive Laminate
Plastic ID Cards With Self Adhesive Lamination
Membership Cards / ID Cards
Plastic ID Cards With Self Adhesive Lamination

We can pre-print and fully customise your Plastic ID cards that include an adhesive plastic layer (laminate) to which you can add a passport photo, then customize with other details on the handily printed signature panels and then you just seal it closed, by far the quickest and  most affordable way to produce your personalised Plastic ID Cards in house / on location in a few seconds for your new members straight away on the spot!
Self Adhesive Laminated Cards are Ideal for any business that would benefit from having an ID card / membership Card / VIP Card / Loyalty Card (gym, spa, casinos, football clubs, night clubs, bars, cafes, sporting teams, etc..) Stay ahead of competitors and give your members something unique. All cards are fully customisable and available with all the extra finishing's that we provide.
Never has this been possible without having to invest in a PVC card printer + Laminator, now you can offer you customers that unique card your business deserves as well as your loyal clientele.