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Real Page Turn Effects - Digital Magazines, 3D Brochures & Catalogues

A Digital Catalogue creates an interactive experience that allows the user to go through your online publishing like they would with a real magazine, newspaper with real page turning effects. Digital Magazines, Brochures and Catalogues are now becoming a standard web application. A Digital Catalogue brings your documents to life in a realistic and usable way, with appealing and user friendly navigation. This provides a comfortable reading experience for your customer from the comfort of their computer, tablet, smart phone. Wherever your customer is, your Digital Catalogue is always there for their viewing. The practicality and functionality, the ease of use, and the 3D effect of real page turning, all in combination make a Digital Catalogue one of the most important tools for any modern business practice.
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Digital magazines, Online catalogues, Flip books, Digital catalogues - Online brochures and catalogues
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Digital Catalogue and Magazine Design & Hosting

Digital Magazines - Online catalogues
LED Window Display - Online Catalogue
Expands your audience and your advertising potential

- Place it on your web site.
- Send it via email.
- Auto Run CD - Great as a branded promotional giveaway
- Download option, customer can view with out being online!
- Sharing via social networks, endless marketing potential.
Cost Effective
Presenting your publication be it catalogues, brochures, magazines, photo albums, work portfolios, corporate presentations or menus. Digital Magazines, Catalogues and Brochures are allot more cost effective than print, when you take into account that once you have your Digital Catalogue or Magazine you can add new product pages without having to reprint your entire catalogue.

Distribution costs are no longer a factor as you can simply email your Digital Brochure to your client base, use social networking such as Facebook and other online marketing tools. For example: You can send your Digital Catalogue with your new promotions, discounts and specialities - the choice is in your hands with no more distribution costs.
Some of the great feature you receive

- Hard cover book / Soft page magazine
- Zoom in and out on pages
- Add links to your site on pages (or to other sites)
- Index page, thumbnail pictures and text
- Add Music
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Digital Catalogues - Some of the Markets
You can use your Digital Catalogue for any purpose the possibilities are endless.  If you are in real estate you can send your clients your property portfolio!! Some of the few markets - Travel Agents, Wedding Organizers, Fashion, Restaurants, Car Outlets, Beauty and Health Care, Photography Portfolios, and many many more.

Personal Use - Family and Friends
Why not have a digital picture book of your family that you can keep forever or a Holiday picture book, Wedding day memories, or whatever else you can think of. - Special Prices are available for non commercial use.

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