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Let customers go straight from finding you to buying from you, with an online Qucik Store from Seen Advertising. Whether you want to sell 10 items or 100, we can easily add a store to your existing web site, or we can can design a new web site with an integrated online e-commerce Seen Quick Store.

Quick Stores are unique with a built in product search, catagorised product drop down fields and above all Seen Quick Stores have a one of a kind inline unique shopping basket coupled with a fast checkout process and easy navigation, your customers will appreciate your online store, its ease of use, and you will aprreciate and love the affordable price.
Web Site
  • Product / Shopping page
  • Customised for your site
  • Optimised user experience
Quick Store Integration
  • Shopping cart added - unique drop down
  • Product search engine integrated
  • Customised check out page
Add Products - Stock Your Shelves
  • Create titles, catagories and attributes
  • Add your products to your store categories
  • Add descriptions, pricing, photos and SKU
Open For Business
  • Customer easily find the products they want
  • Professional check-out experience
  • Receive your payments
  • Ship promptly to win repeat business
Sell Your Products Online - Without the big price tag.

Sell Online - e-commerce solutions - Quick Store Shop Front and Check Out
Sell your products on the web without the cost or complexity of a big retail site. Seen Quick Stores is the easy, affordable way to showcase and sell directly from your web site 24/7. 

Accept payment by credit card or PayPal
Give customers their choice of payment methods, including credit cards or their own PayPal account if they have one. 

No merchant account needed
Business Accounts automatically and securely processes credit card transactions for a small percentage of the sale. No monthly fees to eat into your profits. 

Product information
On your store front you can add descriptions, photos, pricing, reference codes and SKU's (Stock Keeping Units) to track your products. Products can be organised by categories to keep your online shop ornganised, and you can assign customisable attributes. For example:a retail shop selling clothing, could use attributes such as colour and sizes.

Help customers shop efficiently
We can create unlimited product categories to make shopping easy for your customers. Shoppers can browse the entire store, by category or search for keywords via product titles and descriptions. 

Professional shopping cart and checkout
Inspire confidence with a shopping cart and checkout just like the ones on the biggest retail sites with out the big price tag. The cart appears at the top of each page, showing the number of selected items and total cost via a drop down form, your customers do not leave the page they are browsing to view their purchases. Secure checkout protects your customers' credit card information giving your customers piece of mind and satisfaction.

Already have a web site?
If you have an existing web site and do not wish to change it, we will design the shopping cart and product pages so they will have the same branding as your existing site, your customers will not even know they have left your page whilst shopping for your products.

All you will need to do is place an 'online shopping banner' on your web site that will direct your customers to your online shop front, from the shop front your customers can search for products, add them to the shopping cart, view their shopping basket via an inline drop down and proceeds to your customised check out. After a purchase your customers can be sent back to your home page or to a customised thank you page.

Standard Integrated Payment Function & Shopping Cart -  Seen Quick Store vs Intergrated Paypal

Integrated Paypal is a great solution to sell online but does not have the unique functions of a Seen Quick Store. Integrated Paypal does not provide a product search engine or catagory listings or the Seen Quick Store unique drop down shopping cart feature. Integrated Paypal would as standard be used if you are not selling multiple / various products that need to be catagorised. If you do have multiple products to sell, you can still assign an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), to help you track your products. Though Integrated Paypal does not have all the functions as a Seen Quick Store it is still a great way to provide your customer a way to purchase from your web site very easily - (For your customer and your business).

With our integrated paypal service, your web site has the added benefits to sell products, services, even monthly subscriptions. Without the need for an e-commerce solution. Though for multiple products we recommend a Quick Store Shop Front. A shopping cart can also be integrated so your customer can view their purchases before proceeding to the checkout. Your checkout page is fully customisable to fit into your exisiting web site design, with your logo and colour scheme enhancring your web site for a professional user experience checkout.
Sell Your Products Online