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Selection of our favourite projects
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A SELECTION OF SOME OF OUR PRINTING and DESIGN PROJECTS - Printing, Design and Installations

Plot Cut Car Stickers

by Seen Advertising on 11/12/15

Custom designed 'Anchor' plot cut using our Avery 500 series vinyl outdoor use sticker. We stock a lage selection of colours for you to choose from as well as speciality finishes. Further info: www.carstickers.seenadvertising.com

Car Stickers Cyprus - Sticker Printing

Printed Pens - Screen Printing

by Seen Advertising on 11/04/15

Our most popular pen, 'Calibri', only euro0.34 per pen (min x1000). Screen Printed for durability. The calibri pen is available in in various colours: white, lime, yellow, orange, purple, blue, black and red. We also stock various other styles of pens and packaging / boxes for premium gifts.


Sticker Printing - High Resolution

by Seen Advertising on 09/25/15

High resolution stickers printed in full colour. all designs are provided in house to your requirements with attenttion to detail, to give you unique graphics to advertise your business. Stickers can be made to any size and shape and will withstand many years in the outtdoor elements.

Sticker Printing Cyprus - High Resolution Sticker Printing

Large Scale Sign Printing

by Seen Advertising on 09/25/15

Sign Printing with high grade vinyl and uv inks that will withstand the elements. Full layouts / designs and installations are provide in house. Large format printing can be produced within 2 days and printed to fit any given size.

Large scale sign sticker printing cyprus

T-shirt Printing Cyprus

by Seen Advertising on 09/25/15

T-shirt printing and vest printing using our special 'Sports Flex' material with a nice soft touch and matt finish, extremely durable. printed 2 colours front and back.
We have a large range of garment that you can customise with your logo, please view our catalogue: http://www.seenadvertising.com/t-shirt_printing/BOOKLET.pdf


Sign Printing Cyprus

by Seen Advertising on 08/10/15

We can produce signs on various materials, PVC, Corex, Compound Metal, with full colour print. We use high quality vinyl and inks so that your graphics will withstand the elements for years. We provide a full design and layout service as well as translation.

Sign Printing Cyprus - Full Colour Sign Making Cyprus

Car Magnets

by Seen Advertising on 08/10/15

Car magnets printed in full colour. Our magnets can be made to any size to fit any car panel. excellent magnetic property guaranteeing that they will stay on your car.

Car Magnets Cyprus - Full Colour Vehicle Magnets

Large Scale PVC Banner Printing Cyprus

by Seen Advertising on 07/11/15

We can produce high grade pvc vinyl banners to any size required. We use high quality original inks (no cheap chinese knock offs) so your banner will stay vibrant for years to come on our high grade outdoor use pvc vinyl. This banner was produced for the Hair Academy Paphos at 6metres x 2.5 metres.

BAnner Printing Cyprus - Large format digital printing cyprus

Large Scale Sticker Printing - Sign Printing Cyprus

by Seen Advertising on 07/10/15

We can give your old sign a new lease of life, and can be installed on location. We use various high quality sticker brands depending on the project and original Roland inks which will give your sign the vibrant colours it needs to showcase you business.

Large scale sticker printing paphos cyprus signsSticker Printing Cyprus - Sign Making Cyprus

Full Colour T-shirt Printing Cyprus

by Seen Advertising on 07/01/15

We can produce your T-shirt with full colour graphics as well as printing onto the sleeves. We do not charge any set up fees for press printing even at small quantities.
We stock a variety of garments for men, women and kids, including Business Shirts, T-shirts, Polo's, V-neck, Fitted, and many other styles.
View Catalogue: http://www.seenadvertising.com/t-shirt_printing/BOOKLET.pdf

Full Colour T-shirt Printing Cyprus

Real Estate Signs - Corex Board Printing Cyprus

by Seen Advertising on 07/01/15

Corex boards are cost effective, weather proof, light weight and reusable, making for the pefect solution for Real Estate advertising. We can produce large amounts of corex boards with full colour graphics or plot cut individual lettering. We can also provide you with gromets and tie tags for easy attachement onto posts, fences and balconies. Layouts are provided FREE of charge on all orders.Real Estate Sign Printing Cyprus - Sign Printing Cyprus

Baseball Cap Printing

by Seen Advertising on 07/01/15

x1000 Full colour baseball caps screen printed one colour for World Refugee Day.  Baseball Caps are a great and affordable promotional / giveaway product. We stock many styles and colours of baseball caps ready to be imprinted with your logo / brand.
Baseball Cap Printing Cyprus - Silk Screen Printed Caps

T-shirt Printing, white on black textile, Yes.... we can Print in White!

by Seen Advertising on 07/01/15

We can print white on dark garments even if you only need a couple of shirts! with no fading of the white.  We know you will not be able to find this service anywhere else in Cyprus.
It has always been a challenge to print white on dark coloured textiles on low volume. The only option is Silk Screen Printing, but with the set up factors involved with screen printing, this can prove to be expensive on small / low quantitiy orders, alternatively you can use a heat transfer or plastisol backing, printed in black with the white being the transfer/plastisol colour.  This though looks like a black square on your shirt and and after a couple of washes the box/square will be very noticable and also to the touch feels like a bit of vinyl / plastic. This is what you will be offered in Cyprus.
We have a unique way of producing white on black/dark coloured shirts at a fraction of the cost.
White Printing on Dark Coloured T-shirts

T-shirt Printing Cyprus

by Seen Advertising on 07/01/15

100% cotton white T-shirt printed front and back with our new 'Flex Garment Material'. Lettering is cut out of solid coloured 'flex material' and pressed onto shirt. No plastic feel to the touch and no inks used so can never fade. Extremely durable with a nice matt soft finishing.
T-shirt Printing Cyprus - Press Printing

Wheel Cover Printing Cyprus

by Seen Advertising on 05/03/15

The summer is here and your customers / friends will appreciate a wheel cover to protect against the hot Cyprus sun and at the same time giving you excellent brand awareness and advertising.

We don't use a stock of 'pre-made plain covers' onto which we print your logo / message, (like other companies); nothing wrong with that, but with 'pre-made stock covers' you are limited to what you can print. Our wheel covers are made 100% from scratch, meaning we can print the entire area (100% print coverage) which is not possible from pre-made covers. The elastic surround comes in a variety of colours, to match your branding. We can make a cover to fit any wheel, from the smallest to the biggest, we also provide your layout / design FREE of charge! No minimum order!!!

Wheel cover printing cyprus - customised wheel covers, full colour printing cyprus

Banner Printing - Large Format Digital Printing

by Seen Advertising on 04/24/15

High grade vinyl banners, printed in full colour with 100% ink coverage. We can produce banners to any given size & shape, printed in high resolution for photo quality finishing. Enforced grommets for attachement to carrier come as standard.

Banner Printing Cyprus - Full Colour Banner Printing Cyprus

Digital t-shirt Printing Cyprus - Plot Cut Press Printing

by Seen Advertising on 04/24/15

100% Cotton round neck T-shirts, printed with blue 'Sports-Flex'. Sports-Flex is ideal for T-shirts and other garments that will be used  / washed a lot, as it is very durable, stretchable, no-fade, with a soft matt finishing. We stock various colours as well as Neon colours. (Colours can be overlayed / overlapped to create unique one off designs.)

T-shirt Printing Cyprus - Digital T-shirt Press Printing

Promotional Give-Aways - Pen Printing and Baseball Cap Printing Cyprus

by Seen Advertising on 04/03/15

Promotional products printed for Blue-Net, our local internet service provider. Baseball caps printed with logo on visor using our 'sports flex' material for extra longevity. x1000 pens, our most popular model due to its competitive price as well as good writting ability.

PEn Printing Cyprus, Baseball Cap Printing Cyprus, Promotional Product Printing Cyprus

Plastic Business Card Printing Cyprus - With Key Fob

by Seen Advertising on 04/03/15

760 Micron full colour plastic business cards, with snap off key fob with punch hole. These plastic business cards are the same thickness as a standard credit card. We also supply 560 micron cards. Now available in our special price range are our very popular Frosted and Transparent Plastic Business Cards for the same price, yep, that's correct, it was not a typo! the Frosted and Tranparent are the same price! (for a limited period only).

Plastic Business Car Printing Cyprus

Sign Renewal - Digital Sticker Printing Cyprus

by Seen Advertising on 04/01/15

If you have an old sign that has seen its best years come and go, we can easily give it a new lease of life. Full cleaning of existing sign on location and installation of new large scale digital printed full colour graphics. With our high grade vinyl your sign will never turn black (burnt by the suns u.v). All installed by our professional certified installers.

Sign Printing Cyprus - Sticker Printing Cyprus